Becky Tipper’s stories and essays have appeared online and in print, in publications including The Honest Ulsterman, The Lampeter Review, Prole, Literary Mama, and For Books’ Sake. Her writing has won the Bridport Prize and a Tom-Gallon Trust Award from the UK Society of Authors. She writes about short fiction, old and new, at theshortstory.co.uk, where she is also Head of Reviews.

“[Becky Tipper’s ‘The Rabbit’ is] an immediately likeable story, beautifully crafted, elegantly written with all the arts of a born storyteller… A writer of real promise.”
Judges for the Tom-Gallon Award

“The flash fiction pieces were extremely penetrating and confident… Becky Tipper’s ‘Meeting the Lobster’ genuinely takes the reader through a journey of increasing emotional identification…”
Judge for the Bridport Prize

“[Becky Tipper’s] ‘Birth Stories’… is a truly excellent piece of writing…  Anybody who has ever trotted out the cliché ‘all that matters is a healthy baby’ should be made to read this work…”
MILLI HILL, Founder of the Positive Birth Movement
Judge for the Mother’s Milk Writing Prize