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‘Expecting’ in The Lampeter Review

It was in May, when the baby was exactly one week past her due date, that it occurred to me she might never come at all.

I never knew, until I got pregnant, that pregnancy officially lasts forty weeks and not nine months as I’d always thought. And that they start the counting two weeks before you even conceived, as if time flows backwards because a life is going to begin.

At forty-one weeks, my belly — huge and ripe like some unearthly melon — was larger than I could ever have imagined…

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‘One Rat for Every Person’ in Eating My Words Anthology

On the news that morning, I’d heard a report about how there were sixty million rats in Britain. That’s one for every person, they said.

So I wasn’t surprised when I saw one on my way to work, scuttling between the bins behind Asda. And when he hopped on the bus and sat next to me – glancing around with his beady eyes, his whiskers trembling – I felt pleased that we’d found each other, out of the sixty million…

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‘Meeting the Lobster’ in The Bridport Prize Anthology
this flash fiction story was the winner of the Bridport Prize in 2011.

Celia has never eaten a lobster. In fact, for thirty years she hasn’t eaten any flesh – no mammals, birds, fish or crustaceans.

Graham doesn’t see why she can’t start with a bacon sandwich. Why she must meet the thing before she eats it. But there’s no talking to her, she’s set on it. In fact, she knows exactly how it will be.

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‘Good Enough to Eat’ on the Museum of Motherhood website

We talked a lot about eating you in those early days. You were made of apricots and berries and soft new bread and cotton candy, your tiny nose like a chickpea. How could we not want to consume you?…

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