Short Stories & Creative Non-Fiction

Historical short story in FlashBack Fiction, with an interview about the background behind this story.

The Light of Day
Short story first published in The Honest Ulsterman and featured as Short Story of the Month at Seren Books.

Something and Nothing, Pen Portrait, and Inside Out
Three stories, commissioned by researchers at the University of Manchester, and published in the fiction section of The Sociological Review.

Short story in The Lampeter Review, issue 16.

The Rabbit
Short story in Prole , issue 20, and later featured as The Weekend Read at For Books’ Sake.

Trash into Cash 
A re-telling of Rumpelstiltskin in The Forgotten and the Fantastical 2: Modern Fables and Ancient Tales edited by Teika Bellamy (Mother’s Milk Books).

Falling Rocks 
Short story in Prole, issue 19.

Birth Stories
Creative non-fiction in The Story of Us, edited by Teika Bellamy (Mother’s Milk Books).

One Rat for Every Person
Story in the National Flash Fiction Day anthology, Eating My Words, edited by Calum Kerr, Angela Readman and Amy Mackelden (Gumbo Press).   

Good Enough to Eat 
Prose poem in Mom Egg Review. Also featured in Mothers Are Making Art.

My Parents Kept Almost Every Pair of Glasses They Ever Owned
Creative non-fiction in The Pygmy Giant.

The Art of the TV Chefs
Story in the National Flash Fiction Day anthology Scraps, edited by Calum Kerr and Holly Howitt (Gumbo Press).

The Opposite of Metaphor 
Prose poem in Mom Egg Review.

Meeting the Lobster
Flash fiction in The Bridport Prize Anthology.

In My Mother’s Garden 
Creative non-fiction essay in Literary Mama.

Book Reviews

Review of Something Special, Iris Murdoch’s only published short story.

Review of Story Cities, an anthology of flash fiction edited by Rosamund Davies, Cherry Potts and Kam Rehal (Arachne Press).

Review of Melting Point, a short story collection by Baret Magarian (Salt).

Review of The Dressing-Up Box, a short story collection by David Constantine (Comma Press).

Review of The Forgotten and the Fantastical, vol. 5, an anthology edited by Teika Bellamy (Mothers Milk Books).

Review of An Inheritance, a novella-in-flash by Diane Simmons (V. Press).